Flow Test Reports

Prior to any clean being undertaken we will test the airflow on your DPF and supply you with the reading. In addition to this we use a camerascope to inspect the integrity of the filter and report any damage immediately. If the integrity is compromised we will supply photographs and can offer you a replacement DPF service ensuring any downtime is kept to a minimum.

After your DPF is cleaned we again take a flow test report and both the before and after digital readings will be returned with the DPF for your peace of mind.

Total Care Service

Our Total Care Service is available to private customers and companies who are experiencing a DPF, CAT or SCR problem.

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We ask your garage to carry out a diagnostic test that informs us of the problem with the vehicle and confirms the DPF is blocked.

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Non-DPF Repairs

Carrying out a diagnostic report often indicates the initial cause of the build up of soot in the filter.

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