Non-DPF Repairs

Carrying out a diagnostic report often indicates the initial cause of the build up of soot in the filter. The DPF, Cat or SCR can become blocked due to a failure of sensors, glow plugs, EGR valves, turbos and other engine management systems. Along with the cleaning of the unit we can arrange for the symptom causing the problem to be fixed at a reduced price under our Fleet servicing discounted price. Save both time and money by getting a quotation from our support team.

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Total Care Service

Our Total Care Service is available to private customers and companies who are experiencing a DPF, CAT or SCR problem.

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We ask your garage to carry out a diagnostic test that informs us of the problem with the vehicle and confirms the DPF is blocked.

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Replacement DPFs

We can supply a high quality aftermarket filter that is both type approved and comes with a 1st fit promise.

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